Sarah gave a thorough review of our account and gave us some awesome action items that allowed us to still use what we've been working on, and learn the platform better, something that's important to us before handing over the reigns. I appreciate her commitment to educating rather than making us feel like we couldn't do it on our own. I also know once we feel like we understand the system and are ready to hand it off, Sarah would be our first choice. She is up to date with changes that we just don't want to have to keep up with, and has a clear idea of what the user experience is like, so that her thoughts were relevant for creating pins that would be most interesting to those looking for the content that we had to offer.


Sarah is amazing addition to your team. Her approach is the perfect balance of let me help you get this done, and let’s have fun while doing it. Not only does she just jump in and get things done, she cares about your business and is intuitive in knowing what the next best step to take. I cannot recommend Sarah enough!


Motherhood Simplified

Sarah is an absolute star! I was so happy with the set up of my Pinterest account. She effectively listened to my vision and reflected that accurately when she designed my boards and pins. She went above and beyond to help me understand aspects of the inner workings of Pinterest that I didn't have experience with. Also, Sarah is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful, and efficient. I am so looking forward to being able to work with Sarah again in the future when the time calls for it.

"This Mama At Home" Blog

After the interview process, it did not take long to realize Sarah was exactly the person I needed for my business. In fact, she became an intricate part of my school and one of the main reasons it was successful. She exceeded my expectations by being available and eager to participate. She was very dedicated, self-motivated and extremely well organized. I loved working with her, and she was always extremely trustworthy and dependable. Anyone considering hiring Sarah will never be sorry and I could not give a higher recommendation.


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