Testimonials and FAQ's

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Sarah gave a thorough review of our account and gave us some awesome action items that allowed us to still use what we've been working on, and learn the platform better, something that's important to us before handing over the reigns. I appreciate her commitment to educating rather than making us feel like we couldn't do it on our own. I also know once we feel like we understand the system and are ready to hand it off, Sarah would be our first choice. She is up to date with changes that we just don't want to have to keep up with, and has a clear idea of what the user experience is like, so that her thoughts were relevant for creating pins that would be most interesting to those looking for the content that we had to offer.

-Boss Mom


My Expertise

I spend a lot of time keeping up with the changes Pinterest throws at us. I'm part of many communities (both paid and free) that focus on understanding what is best for your account and business. The strategy I implement today may not work 3 months from now, so I understand my offer needs to be flexible in order to stay powerful. That's why I don't guarantee a specific number of pins per day or limit you to a certain type of pin. That's also why my rates are higher than your standard Pinterest VA- behind the scenes, I'm looking at trends, coding, new practices, and more to help you reach a larger audience and drive more traffic.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you stay up to date on Pinterest changes?

I'm part of several communities that focus on staying up to date on the Algorithm as well as testing new stratigies and techniques. I feel that surrounding myself with like-minded peers helps me stay on top of trends and changes. I also follow updates straight from the source- Pinterest and Tailwind are in my inbox and provide valuable information to help me keep your account growing.

What does it look like to work with you?

All of my clients get their own personalized Trello board to track progress. I'm also active on Voxer and messenger so there is always room for communication. For invoicing, I use Honeybook. That's also where I send and sign my contracts from.

Where are you located?

I'm on the US East Coast so EST.

How long before I see results from Pinterest?

Results vary based on lots of factors including age of the the account, amount of content pinned, even niche! It typically takes two months for Pinterest to index a pin and know who to show it to. While I can't give a specific timeline, it could take a few months to start seeing new traffic. Be patient though! It'll be worth the wait.

How do I pay?

All of my clients pay via a client portal in Honeybook. It's got a secure payment processor similar to Stripe. My management clients will have the option to set up recurring payments for the duration of their contract. I will never ask you to directly give me bank account information (cause identity theft is a beast- been there, done that).

Why is there a 6 month contract for management clients?

It's really easy to get frustrated and give up in month 3 or 4 if there's not significant growth. Plus the first month is typically spent optimizing your account and doing keyword research. So I run on 6 month contracts to give your account ample time for realistic growth.

Are there additional costs involved?

Yes! Management clients are required to have a Canva Pro account and a Tailwind App (scheduler) membership. Links to both of these can be found in under Resources.