Account Clean Up

Sometimes it's beneficial to do a "clean up" of your Pinterest account. This often happens as Pinterest makes changes to their platform and you need to update your account and strategy. Maybe you are not sure what boards to keep, or you just can't figure out how optimize it to its fullest potential. Maybe your plate is full and you just don't have time to DIY it. That's OK! Let me overhaul your account so your content has the best chance of getting seen!

$495.00 USD

This is only available to clients who have completed an Audit

What it Covers

  • Hide personal and irrelevant boards

  • Edit Bio with SEO

  • Edit board titles AND descriptions for optimal SEO

  • Research and implement relevant keywords for your account- given to you on G-sheet afterwards

  • Research appropriate Tailwind Communities and Group Boards (if you still desire to use them)

  • Look over your website to ensure it's optimized to work with Pinterest

  • 20 min strategy call to answer any questions you may have

What to Expect

The goal is to optimize you account to be in compliance with Pinterest's current Best Practices so you can continue to pin and get the best reach. I'll use the Audit results to to implement a clean up of your account and get it back on track. The estimated time it takes to complete the job varies from client to client.