Unsure if your Pinterest account is working to its full potential?  Ready to update it but not sure how? This is for you! I'll take a look at your account and offer guidance on optimizing it. You will receive an itemized list of findings and suggestions on how to improve your account. Please note, I will not make changes for you.

$97.00 USD

"Sarah gave a thorough review of our account and gave us some awesome action items that allowed us to still use what we've been working on, and learn the platform better, something that's important to us before handing over the reigns. I appreciate her commitment to educating rather than making us feel like we couldn't do it on our own. I also know once we feel like we understand the system and are ready to hand it off, Sarah would be our first choice. She is up to date with changes that we just don't want to have to keep up with, and has a clear idea of what the user experience is like, so that her thoughts were relevant for creating pins that would be most interesting to those looking for the content that we had to offer." 

- Boss Mom

What it Covers

  • Pinterest SEO (Bio, Board descriptions, and Pins)

  • Quality of Pin Images

  • Making sure your account is aligned with your ideal client

  • Checking your content is relevant to your ideal client's needs

  • Check for any missed Pinterest practice updates

  • Emailed Loom Video with detailed findings

  • 15 min Zoom call to go over results

  • Email Support for 1 Week

What to Expect

Before an audit, I'll gather some information from you such as your pinning habits, ideal client and more. I'll need access (via Lastpass) to your account as well as any scheduling tool you're using. As I review the account, I may need to ask more questions to get clarification.  Once I'm done, I'll make a loom video, walking you through my findings and we can schedule a Zoom call to chat about any remaining questions you may have. The whole process can take up to 10 business days depending on how quickly communication happens. The goal is for you to leave with clarity and confidence, as well as action steps on how to improve your Pinterest account.